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Se-Tech Dispenser Servicing and Support

If you’re having issues, we recommend checking our Frequently Asked Questions.

For best performance and reliability, we recommend your Se-Tech Dispenser is serviced annually.

With an appointment we can turn your unit around in 24 hours or, by prior arrangement, we offer a 2 ½ hour turn around should you want to drop it off/pick it up in the same day.

To book a service

Please phone 07 849 3108 or use or use our online booking form.

Please remember to include any additional instructions or requirements such as additional zinc passivators (is your present one in good repair?), suction hose or filter, or requests for a particular drop-off, pickup or service time.

Packaging your Se-Tech Dispenser

It is important the dispenser is packaged for protection when shipping by courier.

Experience has shown that units can get dropped or “stacked on” in transit and that more rigid packaging than the average “cardboard box” is really necessary in order to ensure the dispenser reaches its destination in one piece and undamaged. If packaging yourself, we strongly recommend multiple layers of padding with “FRAGILE” clearly marked on the packaging outer.

An alternative to disposable packaging, the Se-Tech Dispenser Transport Case is designed to protect dispensers in transit. Developed specifically to minimise shipping costs (both in weight and in volume), the case is made of light, rigid plastic, fits all current models and is fitted with easy to grab handles.

If ordered at the same time as a service (either when booking or via a note with the dispenser), we offer a 10% discount on the Dispenser Transport Case.

se tech carry case.jpg

Dispatching your Se-Tech Dispenser

Send your unit (minus the manifold or pipe work) to:

Singh’s Engineering Services,
66-68 Mahana Road,
Te Rapa, Hamilton

Please ensure you include your phone number and contact name (and farm/company name, if appropriate) with your dispenser.


Dispenser services are performed in our purpose-built service department, located within the Singh’s Engineering Services workshop at Mahana Road.  As the dispensers are manufactured in the same building, parts are always available.

In a regular service we will:

  • Dismantle the unit

  • Clean and check all running parts for corrosion and wear – replace or repair as appropriate

  • Replace all worn seals

  • Re-assemble and align the piston assembly

  • Re-assemble the body and

    • Check mounting plate, cylinder and end plate alignment

  • Test the reassembled Dispenser at maximum and minimum rated flows and pressure ratings, for linearity of operation and proportionality of suction pickup.

Service Reminders are sent to end user customers when your Se-Tech Dispenser is due for a service.  If you are not receiving reminders please contact us.

build up & wear.jpg
Product build up 2.JPG

Parts Support

All parts are available for Series 1-32 (and superseded) Se-Tech Dispensers: these units are designed for ‘on-site’ repair and all parts can be fitted/exchanged by the owner on-site.

Seal kits containing all seals are available direct from us or your local Se-Tech reseller.


We recommend that dispensers are periodically returned to Singh’s Engineering Services for a service, where we’ll check for wear, corrosion and the alignment of running and body components. These faults, if left uncorrected, will affect accelerating wear and the performance and efficiency of your dispenser.


There are no user-serviceable parts in the Series 2-32 and Series 2-50 Se-Tech dispensers: the units must be returned to Singh’s Engineering Services for servicing.

Help, Support and Advice

Our Frequently Asked Questions may provide the answer you need, but if not we are available during working hours by phone (07 849 3108) or via email if  you need advice or help with your dispenser installation, operation or fault-finding.

If you’re in the Hamilton region, please feel free to drop in and see us!

You can also view and download the following Operator Manuals for the 1-32 , 2-32 and 2-50.



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