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We are manufacturing engineers, working with all materials – Stainless Steel, however, is our speciality.

Our fully-equipped workshop has CAD design, CNC machining, TIG welding shops, sheet metal fabrication with press facilities and a fully equipped metal finishing shop.

We can handle any size or quantity of job, from initial concept development, through design (via Computer Assisted Design) to initial prototyping, manufacturing of “one-off” products or large production runs.

In addition to our production shop, we offer a repair and modification facility: if your existing laboratory, cooking or other food-grade equipment isn’t performing, come in and discuss your requirements.

Our toolmaking service focuses on press and punch dies, manufacturing both “from scratch” and offering die retooling and refurbishment.

We are an outsourcing and outwork supplier to a variety of new Zealand businesses: our OEM production and finishing services include:

  • Design-on-behalf

  • Contract Machining (CNC turning, milling and programming all carried out in-house)

  • Press and Punching (all materials but with significant expertise in Stainless steels and Aluminium)

  • Sheetmetal Fabrication

  • Mechanical grinding and polishing

We are keen to discuss your project, whether large or small, design-from-sketch or “just” manufacturing – or something else. The initial consultation will be at no charge and will be kept completely confidential.

Need more information on our capabilities? Please see our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or contact us.

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The Singh’s Engineering Milk Filler is ideal for custom cow, sheep and goat dairy milk installations.

Available in both floorstanding and benchtop versions, our standard model fills 6 bottles simultaneously.

Our bottle fillers offer:

  • Simple, safe operation. As per the video, both the operator’s hands are in use when filling – there is no “pinch” risk to the operator

  • No foaming of milk

    • The lightweight swingarm allows smooth pouring down the inside of the bottle

    • The tank filling assembly fills from the bottom of the tank, minimising aeration

  • Designed for ease of cleaning

    • Construction of Stainless Steel and UHMWPE (the white bottle slides), makes for simple washdown

    • The tank filling pipe assembly is held in place with quick-release couplings: no tools are required when dismantling these for cleaning

    • The tank is easily removed for cleaning (as are the compression rubbers). There is no need to work at height when cleaning

  • Left and right-handed operation

    • An extended pivot shaft on both sides of the filler is standard, allowing the operating lever to be switched to whichever side is most comfortable for the operator

      • Additional operating levers are available on request

  • Longevity and low maintenance

    • Only 2 moving parts

    • Compression rubbers are commercial, long-lasting items that are designed for ease of replacement during washdown


Whilst these are a production unit, each filler can be customised at the design stage, suiting an individual customer’s requirements – e.g.

  • Larger or smaller bottles – both in height and/or volume

  • Number of bottles filled – from 4 to 10 bottles

  • Infeed and outfeed slide length

    • Most slides are sized to suit the number of bottles being filled (e.g. a 6-head filler has slides both sides holding 6 bottles as standard), but custom, removable slides work within the customer’s workspace or processing constraints 

  • Operation height (on both the floorstanding and benchtop models) can be customised

Contact us to discuss your dairies’ requirements



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Milk filler side view Crop Example.JPG
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