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The Se-Tech Chlorinator accurately doses chlorine into low, medium and high pressure water systems.

Low-level, ongoing chlorination of a water supply is effective against bacteria, virus and other pathogens. These are often factors on farms with Water Exclusion issues, and in areas where water quality needs improvement.

Extremely low level, repeatable and accurate addition rates ensure safe, effective, low-cost water disinfection.

The Se-Tech Chlorination system uses a 3-stage process to ensure dosing consistency across a wide range of water flows. Water pressure fluctuations have no effect on the system.

Chlorine concentrations of between 5 and 50 parts per million (PPM) are easily acheived in this hands-off, safe injection system.

demo view front.JPG

1.The system first uses a peristaltic pump, which is externally controlled. 

2. The pump loads a small amount of liquid chlorine into a calibrated cylinder. Chlorine dosage amount (relative PPM or parts per million) is controlled here.

3. The calibrated volume of chlorine gets pre-mixed with a standard quantity of water – and this premixed solution is loaded into the water supply via the 2-32 Se-Tech dispenser.

4. The (modified) Se-Tech Series 2-32 dispenser ensures accurate dosing.

Installation - Installed unit diagram 2.



The Chlorinator is suitable for installations with flows from 5 litres/minute up to 6000 litres/hour, and into pressures from “Gravity-feed” installations at 10 PSI to high-pressure runs up to 210 PSI.

The combination of the proven Se-Tech dispenser, together with a hands-free peristaltic pump – responsible only for loading, not for dosing accuracy – and calibrated chlorine pre-mix/addition station, provides accurate and repeatable dosing at extremely low levels, regardless of water flow/pressure and ambient temperature fluctuations.

Staff exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals is minimised, as chlorine is sucked directly out of its container – there is no manual mixing or handling of chemicals.

Installation is simplified, as the unit is powered by a low-voltage plug-in pack.

This means a certified electrician is not required to install the unit. The plug-in power pack is PAT (Portable-Appliance-Test) checked and certified before leaving our factory.

 As with all Se-Tech products, Singh’s Engineering Services proudly designs, manufactures and services Se-Tech Chlorinators in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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