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Singh’s Engineering Services (SES) started in the garden shed in the back of Hurb and Karen Singh’s house in 1979.

After operating out of the shed for 18 months Hurb had run out of room, so the business was moved to its first production facility in Mahana Road, Te Rapa.

Singh’s Engineering was originally an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for a number of large NZ and overseas-based companies, producing milking cups and other stainless steel products supporting the Dairy industry.

One of the products SES manufactured as an OEM was the Carlisle dispenser. Whilst popular – there was little else available on the market at the time – this dispenser had reliability problems and was discontinued.

Singh’s Engineering continued to support the machines in use and through this, saw the need for a reliable, New Zealand made dispenser.

Singh’s Engineering’s first dispenser: the 19mm unit, was developed and first marketed in the late 1980’s, remaining in production for approximately 15 years.

Singh’s Engineering continues to support the owners of these units with parts and service.

In 1990, a purpose-built production facility was completed in Mahana Road, Te Rapa, Hamilton, and the company has resided there since.

In 1993, production was started on a 32mm dispenser (1-¼” inlets and outlets), which eventually became the Series 1-32. This has remained in continuous production (with ongoing development) and is still recognisable today as our base model.

In 1994, the Se-Tech (“Singh’s Engineering Technology”) brand was launched, as the parent brand for our in-house goods such as Inline Liquid Dispensers, Water Flow Indicators and Magnetic Particle Traps.

Hurb and the team spend a lot of time talking with our customers and from that interaction came innovation: for example, as the size of NZ farms grew, a larger the dispenser was necessary and so a 50mm dispenser (2” BSP inlets and outlets) was developed, with production beginning in 2003.

As time continued, so did developments. The original Series 1 Dispenser remains in wide use. The Series 2 Dispensers were developed to handle more harsh water conditions, for example water which contains higher particulate levels such as manganese, pumice or silt. In response to customer feedback, the Series 2 has a higher dose rate than the Series 1, making it suitable for a wider variety of installations.

The latest development in the line of Se-Tech products is the Se-Tech Chlorinator. Based on the 2-32 Se-tech dispenser, it doses extremely low levels of chlorine into a water supply, ensuring safe, effective, low-cost water disinfection.

People at Singh’s Engineering that you’re likely to speak to on the phone, in person or by email:

Hurb Singh – General Manager and Owner

Hurb was born and raised in Wanganui and is trained as a Fitter and Turner. In his early years, Hurb worked in Aircraft Engineering, Tool and Die making and Plastics Engineering before going out on his own in 1979 with Singh’s Engineering Services.

Darl Singh – Assistant Manager

A Born-and-bred Hamiltonian, Darl’s background is in Mechanical and Plastics Engineering, with a focus on production. Having run production facilities in New Zealand and around the world, Darl returned to Hamilton to work for SES in the year 2000.

Phil Reid – Foreman

With a background in Production Engineering, Phillip is our longest-serving employee, having started with Singh’s Engineering in 1987. Phil has over the years worked in every position in our shop and with his encyclopaedic knowledge of present and past processes and products, is our ‘go to’ for any particularly tricky or unusual job.

Angela Grey – Accounts

With strong financial sector experience, Angela runs our accounts, both payable and receivable. As Angela works part time, the best way to make contact about an invoicing or accounts query is via email.

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