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Se-Tech Water Flow Indicators are used primarily in the horticultural, farming and industrial sectors. They show water flow (and can be used for most fluids) in buried or closed pipelines, above or below ground. In the rural sector, Water Flow Indicators are primarily used as a quick and simple way of finding water leaks.

The Water Flow Indicator  (WFI) is designed as an infrastructure item, and is inserted inline with a pipeline-an indicator wand is mounted to the exterior of the WFI.

In farming or horticultural sectors the wand will be above ground.

In industry, shorter wands are generally used (custom wand lengths down to 150mm long are available at no additional cost).

When water flows through the pipe, a reflective fluorescent indicator becomes visible. The more flow through the pipe, the more indication – making identification simple of where water is flowing, in what direction and at approximately how much flow.

In farming, if there are no animals at the end of a pipeline spur, there should be no water being consumed. If there is water flow in that pipeline spur, chances are there’s a leak.

WFILge Flow indicator show.jpg


When water flows, an aerofoil lifts inside the flow indicator.

This has a magnet on it, which repels a magnet on the outside of the indicator.

This opposed magnet is part of the wand – as it changes height, an indicator at the other end of the wand (above ground in farm installations) shows the quantity of flow through the pipe.

The use of magnets allows a completely sealed indicator unit: there are no glands or seals, so the WFI is leak proof.

Having a Stainless Steel body, the WFI is rated for any pressure the pipeline it is inserted into can handle. In practice, it has been tested to and runs at 300 PSI without problem.

Se-Tech Water Flow Indicators are available in 32mm (1-¼ ” BSP) and 50 mm (2″ BSP) pipeline sizes.

The 32mm version can be fitted to smaller pipeline sizes: although it will show flow down to “garden hose” size, the bottom limit for accurate indication is around ¾” BSP pipe or hose.

WFI Flow & no flow.jpg



The standard wand is 1.13 metres high.

Custom shorter wand lengths can be supplied upon request and at no additional charge: please enquire should you have a need for these.

No good idea should be published without protection – as a consequence, Se-Tech  Water Flow Indicators are protected under Patent No. 532692.

As with all Se-Tech products, Singh’s Engineering Services proudly designs and manufactures the Water Flow Indicators in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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