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Singh’s Engineering Services are manufacturers of Food-Contact-Approved Stainless Steel products, specialising in 1-off and short production runs for laboratories and testing institutions.


Being stainless steel specialists, we make and repair:

  • Bulk sample testing multi container filling equipment

  • Stainless steel racks and trays

  • Bottle and sample container holders

  • Bulk density cylinders and associated testing equipment

  • Customised Workspaces

    • sinks and traps to your specification, heated and plain

    • stainless steel benches

    • splashbacks and splash guards

    • framing and shelves

    • laboratory trolleys


As cost of outright replacement is often an issue, we frequently repair or modify laboratory equipment to extend its life or repurpose for other applications: from simply fixing welds to modifying equipment – and robotics – to perform to new or revised testing methodologies.

Call or email us to discuss your designs: our workshop handles jobs of all sizes, whether prototyping, “1-off” or production runs.

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