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  • Do you quote before proceeding?
    Absolutely. We can provide an estimate or quote before beginning work, or work on an hourly-rate basis, which will be discussed and agreed before commencement of the job.
  • Can  you supply completed parts?
    Yes. Our workshop is a “1-stop-shop” for machining, sheetmetal fabrication, welding, pressing and polishing: we can not only design, machine, fabricate and test your widget, we can build the box to mount it in.
  • What is a CNC machine?
    CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control and is a Lathe (makes round objects like a piston) or Mill (makes irregular-shaped objects like hex nuts and machined cavities): we have both in our workshop. The advantages to a CNC machine tool are absolute repeatability and precision – the last part made is as accurate as the first – and high production rates.
  • What is sheetmetal fabrication?
    We have a dedicated sheet metal shop (working in thin steel sheets to make items like pot sides, bench tops and filter bodies) that handles quantities from 1-offs to high volume production.
  • What other facilities do you have?
    We have a full welding shop, capable of TIG (stainless steel and aluminium welding), MIG (Mild Steel) and arc, along with a press shop for sheet steel objects. We finish our products either by beadblasting, mechanical polishing or electro-polishing, providing a high gloss finish on stainless steel and non-ferrous metal parts.
  • What is Presswork?
    Pressing lets us shape or mould flat sheet into complex shapes or “punch” holes or cavities into existing products. We can purpose-build a die to suit your design or use your tooling. Our press shop has deep-draw, high pressure (up to 200 Tonne) and rapid punch presses.
  • Do you make products in other materials?
    Yes. Although Stainless Steel is our speciality, our workshop regularly processes Plastics, Mild Steel, Aluminium and more exotic materials.
  • Will you build from an existing product?
    The short answer is “that depends!” If the product is yours and/or is free of copyright/patent issues, absolutely. We pride ourselves on our integrity, confidentiality and our trusted relationship with our customers.
  • Will my product design remain confidential?
    Definitely. We regularly work on confidential designs, prototypes and production runs for both small and large companies and pride ourselves on our confidentiality and our trusted relationship with our customers. We are happy to provide and sign a non-disclosure agreement if required.
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