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SE-TECH 2-50

The Series 2-50 Se-Tech Inline Liquid Dispenser has 2” BSP (“50mm”) connections and is suitable for water flows up to 13000 litres per hour at pressures from a “gravity feed” 10 PSI to “hill country” 210 PSI (0.7-14.3 bar).

As an indication of capacity, we expect the Series 2-50 dispenser would be suitable for a farm of up to 1250 milking head.

In production since 2005, the Series 2-50 was developed following requests for a high-capacity dispenser that could handle poor farm water conditions, such as water containing higher particulate levels (such as manganese, pumice or silt) or hard water (generally, laden with iron).

As a consequence, the Series 2 dispensers have very wide, flat seals, running on the outside of the piston assembly, in order to provide maximum seal area to minimise overall wear, whilst “wiping” the running surface clean of contaminants and extending life.

Addition rates (“suction” rate) of up to 2% (dependant on dispensate viscosity and density) by volume can normally be achieved with a Series 2-50 dispenser.


The dispenser operates only on water flow – no power source is required. This makes for minimal installation requirements, as the 2-50 can be easily installed anywhere there is a water line and a vertical, rigid wall.

Note: Due to the very wide running seals in the Dispenser, rigidity and alignment are both essential on installation in order to maximise seal and operation life.

Whilst longer running life will be achieved with cleaner supply water and dispensate (i.e. the less “grinding paste” the machine processes, the longer it will last), the 2-50 dispenser is designed to tolerate and work with less-than-ideal water supplies and/or more abrasive additive materials such as zinc or magnesium chloride. Of course, the less “grinding paste” the machine processes, the less wear will occur and so running costs will be minimised.

The dispenser is shown with the optional pipework manifold and an integral mounting bracket is additionally available.

The manifold provides an inline coarse (mesh) filter, a non-return valve, isolation and bypass valves, along with quick-release couplings between the manifold and the dispenser proper. The integral welded stainless steel bracket both holds the manifold in alignment to the dispenser, and simplifies installation of the assembly, providing a flat, rigid surface to the mounting face. This combination makes it simple to install the dispenser, then subsequently bypass the Se-Tech and/or remove the dispenser for servicing, without interrupting the properties’ water supply.

Over 95% of all Series 2-50 Se-Tech dispensers are sold with the optional pipework manifold and mounting bracket.

We recommend an annual service for all Se-Tech dispensers: our busiest service period is found when farms are dried off and the requirement for animal health supplements is at a minimum.

Due to the wide running seals and significant piston weight in the 2-50 dispenser, alignment on reassembly is critical: as a consequence, the Series 2 dispensers require a return to our manufacturing facility for servicing.

Our full service facilities offer service turnaround times from overnight to less than three hours with a booking: please call us on 07 8493 108 or email us to confirm a service booking.

The Series 2-50 Se-Tech Inline Liquid Dispenser installation, setup and operation manual can be found here (PDF format).

Frequently asked questions regarding operation can be found here.

As with all Se-Tech products, Singh’s Engineering Services proudly designs, manufactures and services all Se-Tech Inline Liquid Dispensers in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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